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Find the best selling notes in the US,
fees, reports, alerts and much more!

Technology Powered

Noteswatch's online dynamic reports and alerts give you full visibility of the US Structured Notes market around the clock. Never miss a trade again!

Human Expertise

Via phone, email or messaging find Structured Notes experts available to work with you. We want you to get the most out of your Notes portfolio.

Independent Insight

We don't buy or sell Notes. We are not affiliated with any bank or distributor. Our only goal is to give you straight to the point unbiased advice.

Personalized Market Research delivered through an app

Gain access to a network of market intelligence, easy to use software and industry experts. Track Structured Notes sales and maturities. Manage product data, visualize your portfolio, review analytics and much more.

Structured Notes


See how clients are using Noteswatch to enhance their Structured Notes business.

Financial Advisors

Quickly find the popular Structured Notes that folks are investing on. Upload your Structured Notes portfolio, have all your analytics, maturities and prospectuses organized for you in one single place!


Have real-time alerts and competitive market analysis based off the Calendar performance of all Issuers. Focus your resources on products that are selling, grow your market share.


Quickly find the Structured Notes your clients are asking for. No more calling arround to find trade details. Our dashboard saves you time and makes your quoting process with your desired issuer much easier.

Law Firms

Develop competitive knowledge based on the number of final fillings hitting the market, locate precedents by Issue size. Save time and provide better service to your clients.

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