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Although our company was founded in 2018, our financial roots go back to 2001. Our founder, Marcel Brunello, learned finance because he had no choice. At the age of 21, during his first year at the trading desk, he lost all of his savings in the dot com bubble in investments that were regarded as safe by finacial markets professionals.

He was left with no choice but to really learn finance, and with time and by making his own mistakes, he eventually got good at it. Marcel never planned on running financial markets research for other companies until he saw one speech by Steve Blank in a seminar. After drafting a strategy he decided it was time to create a different kind of financial company, one that was honest and only took on clients that he could actually help.


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Marcel Brunello

Founder and CEO

Before founding Noteswatch, Marcel worked for over 10 years selling financial derivatives in Wall Street. During this time he specialized on Structured Notes and Lox Spread Bagels. Marcel holds a MBA from Columbia Business School, a B.Eng and a MsEng from University of Sao Paulo. Marcel is originally from Brazil and he currently lives in San Diego with his wife Renata and two young kids.

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